Frequent Questions

What is the proper address to put on my package?

The proper address for your package will be:

Resident Name
1255/1265 E. University Drive Apt #
Tempe, AZ 85281

*1255 for 3 digit apartments | 1265 for 4 digit apartments

What are the office hours?


How can I submit a service request?

Sign into your resident portal to submit the request.

How do I pay online?

Sign into your resident portal to pay your rent.

Why do I need to pay on August 1st, even if I move in late August?

We calculate each rent on an installment bases. We take your overall cost of the unit and divide it into twelve equal installments.

How much will I pay for utilities?

The amount ranges depending on your personal usages and those of your roommates.

Am I able to use the gym at any time?

Yes, our gym is open 24 hours.

Where is my deposit held?

The deposits are held in an individual bank account that gains interest. Minus any fees.

Can I make holes in the wall to hang objects?

Yes, as long as the holes are not larger than the size of a pencil eraser.

What happens if I get towed?

In the event that your vehicle is towed, you would need to contact R&M Towing to get information about how to retrieve your vehicle. The phone number for the towing company is 602-415-1565.

Do I need rental insurance for my personal belongings?

We don’t require renter’s insurance, but we do recommend it.

Have questions? No Problem!